Lindex X Emilia Ilke

Lindex presents design collaboration with artist Emilia Ilke

NOVEMBER 16, 2021Lindex presents design collaboration with Emilia Ilke – the Swedish artist known for her playful compositions and signature shapes. Together, Emilia and Lindex have designed a unique nightwear collection with soft matching pieces for women, kids and baby.

‘We are very excited to launch our collaboration with Emilia Ilke. Emilia has a unique way of turning everyday objects into soft shapes that create small stories. Like little rooms with their own universe, all from Emilia’s creative mind. With Emilia’s strong vision and a soft playfulness in focus, the collection we have created together is like a dream‘ says Camilla Madsen, Head of Design at Lindex.

Emilia Ilke is a Swedish artist characterised by her signature shapes and playful compositions and whose work can be experienced in art exhibitions as well as in interior design. Together, Emilia and Lindex have created a unique and soft nightwear collection – the pyjamas, the nightshirt, the blanket and the cosy, quilted robe that works just as well at home as on the outdoor walk. The collection includes pieces for women, kids and baby, for mini me matching. All pieces are made in soft organic cotton and are GOTS certified. 

’When I was asked to collaborate with Lindex, I was both flattered and happy to get the chance to reach out with my art in a whole new way. I have felt a lovely support from the Lindex team throughout this whole journey and it has been a fun challenge to think body instead of canvas. My goal has been to create soft unisex pieces in organic cotton that I want to dress my own kids in. In every step of the way I have had them in mind and now that the collection is finished, I’m excited for the evening so I can put on their pyjamas! Although they will probably wear some of the pieces in the day as well, just like you will see me outdoor in the quilted robe’,says Emilia Ilke. 

The collection will be available at and in selected stores on 13 December.